Why LAVet Feminine Hygiene Is Inserted with A Cotton Ball and Not Just Robbed for Only A Minute or Two

When one of the provided cotton balls is soaked with the LAVet herbal Serum, it can be inserted (from around 5am (to 7am) up until about 4pm (to 6pm).  A Lady can choose any of the 8 to 9-hour time period that best suits her work schedule (during the daytime […]

  Liyonzy ,    June 7, 2023

Living A Vaginal Infection Free Life Style

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash IS NOT LIKE Most of the liquid gels or liquid Soaps that are used to wash the essentials away from the vaginal intimate area.  When LAVET is inserted, it provides a protective barrier over delicate intimate vaginal lining; which reduces any painful irritation, itching or burning […]

  Liyonzy ,    December 26, 2018

True Cure For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

With all the stressful issues we need to deal with, is it not gratifying to to look forward to enjoying a fulfilling sexual partner at the end of the day?. The kind of peace an enjoyable partner can bring can be obtained with this LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash called. It […]

  Liyonzy ,    September 14, 2018

8Things every woman should know about vaginal hygiene & care

When the vagina intimate wash and tightening solution called Lavet was posted online a while ago, many expressed their misgivings; and rightly so, that it was a herbal cream used by prostitutes to tighten their vagina. Concerned readers, including a doctor, shared their experiences and advice. It was a welcome […]

  Liyonzy ,   

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