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When one of the provided cotton balls is soaked with the LAVet herbal Serum, it can be inserted (from around 5am (to 7am) up until about 4pm (to 6pm).  A Lady can choose any of the 8 to 9-hour time period that best suits her work schedule (during the daytime period only). LAVet works with time to penetrates the vaginal walls.  The process combats and uproots symptoms such as the unusual vaginal discharge, bad vaginal odor, itching, vaginal soreness or any infection present. The timely process allows LAVet to restore the vagina’s natural pH, by helping good bacterial and candida to keep each other in their correct proportions within the vagina.

 LAVet insertion helps to increase lactobacillus bacteria in the vaginal tract and lactobacillus keeps things within the normal pH range in the vagina and helps a lot in avoiding vaginal infections such as yeast infection, urinary tract infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis and bacterial vaginosis, (which are caused by germs such as klebsiella spp. and Escherichia  coli.

When a Lady bathes in the evening, she must rinse the lower vaginal area with water that’s slightly hot. The hot water rinse opens vagina to cause some quantum of the coagulated discharge to be excreted on each of the 7 treatment days. It is important that she completes the 7 day treatment for whatever kind of stubborn infection to be eradicated. LAVet must not ne inserted at night, because aeration (fresh air circulating around the lower vaginal area) is very necessary for the elimination of vaginal infections.

When LAVet is used for the purpose of narrowing the vaginal tract and for tightening the wall muscles, applying the insertion provides added benefits. LAVet effectively restores vaginal suppleness while eliminating vaginal dryness. LAVet insertion provides a treatment that triggers new and healthy tissue of the female genital lining to narrow the vaginal tract.

The insertion helps with the thickening of the vaginal walls that support and shape the vagina, for much better grip contact. In addition, LAVet provides better resilience and lubrication within the vagina.

The blend of rare ingredients in LAVet prevents yeast over-growth and maintains a healthy mix of good bacteria and Candida in the genital tract.  Applying LAVet causes a relative abundance of vaginal lactobacilli to be increased. Probiotic lactobacilli provide a natural means of regulating, balancing and maintaining a healthy vagina. LAVet is relevant as a barrier to infection in the vaginal tract.