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When the vagina intimate wash and tightening solution called Lavet was posted online a while ago, many expressed their misgivings; and rightly so, that it was a herbal cream used by prostitutes to tighten their vagina. Concerned readers, including a doctor, shared their experiences and advice.

It was a welcome development to know that we can take out time to help one another. However, this newer post has come about, to shed more light on |LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash. We present to you, without sentiments, a number of facts about the intimate Wash and its ingredients. Please you can equally google up to ascertain the facts presented, because this is your life and you alone know what you’re facing. Once a while, when we run into a miracle remedy, it is only fair that we set the records straight about it! Continue…

  1. LAVet is made in Ghana and is not a herbal cream.  It is a liquid made from herbal extracts and water. It has no chemicals. It is a clean, medical product that cleans up a lady, fights unwanted vaginal yeast, rejuvenates the skin around the lower female genital and restores the normal vaginal flora. It helps women to come out of their menopausal stage vibrant and refreshed.
  2. LAVet is also not a douche or soap, No! It is a feminine hygiene liquid for treating toilet/yeast infections including candidiasis and staph, with an added effect of tightening or firming up the mucosal wall of the Vagina. It is a decent drug for decent ladies who want to remain fresh and have a vibrant sexual life, despite age, childbirth, menopause, or even menstrual cycle.
  3. It is approved by NAFDAC (Reg. No: A7-1092L), with no side effects
  4. Fact: After childbirth, most women become very loose; LAVet has a way of rebuilding the vaginal walls without a drying effect. The sweet thing is, it tightens the female genital wall muscles to decrease the diameter of the womanhood, it causes enough lubrication to be provided, during intercourse to produce that sensation that makes a woman reach orgasm easily and enjoyably.
  5. Fact: Vaginal discharge is natural, BUT if you have itching, burning and a foul odour together with discharge, that’s abnormal! LAVet comes in handy.
  6. Fact: The vagina muscle stretches. This can leave you feeling loose. If it isn’t as tight as you like, or it is slippery, especially after childbirth (and vaginal exercises, e.g. Kegel Exercise cannot do your desired wonders for you) give LAVet a try. You will get to understand why we are blowing the trumpet about it.
  7. Like any other drug, LAVet is not for pregnant women.  It is for ADULT USE only.
  8. If a lady needs LAVet for it’s tightening properties, it can be used regularly with no unwanted effects. When used daily, a pack will last between 5 to 8 days. On the other hand two packs will take care of most vaginal infections! For a healthier vagina, we recommend LAVet to every young girl, to help them prevent any recurring female genital infection.