Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash has a 10 ml Bottle of Herbal Liquid and 8 Cotton Balls in the Pack. Soak a Cotton Ball with the Liquid and Insert It. (but do not push it too far up).  A Lady who want to Insert LAVET before her Bedtime will need to remove the insertion when she wakes up in the morning.  She must remove it before she takes her bath in the morning.  If a lady uses LAVET to get rid of her vaginal Infection, she will need to Rinse her lower female genital with water that is slightly hot or warm water, when she takes her bath in the morning.   

On the other hand, LAVET can also be inserted in the morning (before a lady goes out to work, in the morning).  She must have the insertion removed when she returns home in the evening.  If she needs to get rid of an infection, she also need to rinse her lower female genital with some warm water (or water that is slightly hot) as she takes a shower in the evening.  To succeed in getting rid of most female genital infections, the seven day course must be used completely. 

As a lady treats herself with LAVET (following the instructions carefully) from the third day on, some ladies may notice coagulated secretions being excreted out.       

LAVET normalizes bacteria or fungi imbalance and allows ladies to retain their good level of germs needed (by every female genital area) to help clear away vaginal infections.   

LAVET liquid solution also helps with the healing of vaginal tissue, restoring elasticity and combating excessive vaginal discharge (without drying it out). LAVET is excellent for reversing vaginal atrophy.


TO USE LAVET FOR TIGHTENING:  LAVET can be used regularly as part of a lady’s morning routine.  When a woman inserts LAVET in the morning




I’ve bad vaginal smell though naturally tight, Can LAVET help me? 

Follow LAVET usage for curing vaginal infection and you will free yourself of the foul smell. Our product gets ladies to feel fresh and smell good any time of the day! It will make you feel better about yourself and bring more satisfaction to your partner. The peace and joy needed in your relationship will be fully restored.  


Can LAVET Make Me Tight Me to experience orgasm? 

YES it can make you tight, cause you to be more sensitive to receive and give pleasure. It can help you attain orgasm more easily if that is an issue and surely


LAVET Alerts Women of hidden infections” Means What? 

A lady could purchase LAVET just to tighten for pleasure but could have candidiasis without her knowing that. A day or two after the tightening she could begin to feel very itchy there. Some may even think, it could be the feeling of a side effect of the product. But NO!  LAVET worked (in this case) to alert the Lady of her hidden infection of Candidiasis. Second example: The Alert for a lady who experiences bleeding (which is rare) after using the product; may be a sign of an abnormal uterine bleeding condition or fibroids or endometriosis or infertility or pelvic inflammatory disease.in her case. Such a lady must stop usage and call our help line to connect her to a Doctor as soon as possible.


How Can LAVET Combat Genital Mucus Without Drying Us Out?

provides enough lubrication when it combats any excessive genital discharge, without drying out essential vaginal mucus.


What has LAVET to do with PID?  

What has LAVET to do with PID?   We advise clients who have symptoms of Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) to stop using LAVET and see a doctor immediately because, it is an infection of the female reproductive organs. PIDc sexually transmitted bacteria can spread from your vagina to your uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries easily. We prefer that if a lady experience any of the PID conditions (we tell you of) she should go see a doctor sooner than later.  We advise strongly that young women deal with this PID issue, way before they encounter troubles getting pregnant.

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