must be a thing of the past

(No Woman who’s sexually active Should Ignore This Story)

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash is the intimate wash more and more women all over Nigeria, Ghana and Africa are testifying of. The efficacy and effectiveness of this Intimate Organic Medicine (with no side effects) is incomparable to any out there!! It has been approved by a number of health authorizing bodies around the globe (including NAFDAC).

LAVET gets rid of most difficult vaginal infections such as toilet or bacterial infections and fungal infections such as Candidiasis; while it improves the overall vaginal health. It protects and prevents a lady from contracting any new infection and helps get rid of OFFENSIVE odour. It make ladies smell good down there and gets women to feel better about themselves.        

LAVET helps bring back vagina suppleness as it firms up the muscle tone and elasticity of the passage way.  It helps prevent the loose and sagging vagina walls, to get the female genital to feel tighter.  Ladies enjoy better sex with this intimate wash because it causes them get a better grip on their partner’s organ during sex; which allows them to experience orgasms and and make their men to ask for more.  

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash serum is extracted from a unique blend of herbs that is extremely safe for clearing vagina inflammations, swellings and irritations.  It eradicates bad vaginal discharge and offensive odour from the womanhood.  The Herbal liquid restores the natural God-given feminine juices and flora even as it stops vagina dryness. After contracting the vaginal walls muscles, it can make a lady more appealing to her partner. The vagina is an organ with highly organized sensory end that transmits signals to the brain for stimulation. This intimate liquid can raise progesterone levels in women to help enhance sexual sensitivity and stamina, while it improves a lady’s ability to give and receive better satisfaction. 

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash must be uses if any lady suffers from a vaginal  condition such as Leucorrhea (which lets her show signs of the fishy and unpleasant smell in the vagina, associated with malicious secretions).  This can also be due to a wide variety of issues such as poor diet or unhygienic contact with the opposite genital organ). It shows the inflammation of the mucus membranes which releases a yellowish or white discharge from the female genital tract and causes some ladies to experience vaginal irritation and unpleasant vaginal discharge (white discharge or yellow discharge).

After inserting LAVET for the tightening effect, it is recommended for the lady to rinse the lower female genital area with cold water. This process naturally firms up the erectile tissue layers of the vagina and nourishes the nerves to increase sexual pleasure during sexual intimacy.